Photo Set

In the last month I had the pleasure of entering the Stockvertising competition hosted by Getty images and The Miami ad School. The brief was to create a unique print ad for any company using one of 25 stock images provided by Getty. 

Above are a couple of my personal entries for the competition which is currently in the judging phase with the winners set to be announced on their facebook page next week. The winning image will be showcased all around Australia and featured in AdWeek Magazine and its creator will score a 2 year scholarship (worth $35’000) to study either Art Direction or Copywriting at the Miami Ad School in Sydney.

Even if I don’t win I would love to one day study at the Miami Ad School because it really is the best Ad School in the world, as voted by many of the world leading ad agencies, saying that its graduates are just of a higher calibre than anywhere else. For more info on the Stockvertising Comp head to: and any info on the Miami Ad School :

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Photo Set

"When we talk about breast cancer, there’s no women or superwomen. Everybody has to do the self-examination monthly. Fight with us against the enemy and, when in doubt, talk with your doctor."

An interesting approach to breast cancer awareness 

Photo Set

Day 5

All this week we have looked at print ads, and while the above pictures may look like posters to begin with, they aren’t (which adds to their coolness), so technically they aren’t print ads but I am going to use them anyway because they are too cool to ignore. 

Photo Set

Day 4 

Whats cooler that awesome minimalist Lego ads?… 

Awesome minimalist Star Wars Lego ads of course, enough said.

Photo Set

Day 3

The Lego crossword, is yet another simple set of ads that show what can be achieved with even the smallest amount of Lego and a little imagination, really good concept.

Photo Set

Day 2
Again these ads aren’t anything complicated. They just show they nature of creativity inherent in the brand of Lego, love it.


Day 1

Simply called ‘Periscope’,this has to be my favorite Lego ad to date. For me it captures the imagination of Lego in such a simple and clever way. Also I love creative minimalism.



I love lego, its fun and awesome, and that is the exact same theme they carry into their advertising. Due to this and the amount of cool ads they have, I have decided to dedicate a whole week to some of the cooler print ad sets I have found on the Internet. Check back here each day for a different dose of Lego awesomeness.

Any ad that shamelessly uses Back to the future references is ok by my book.

Any ad that shamelessly uses Back to the future references is ok by my book.


"Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And do you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. Its freedom from fear. Its a billboard on the side of the road that screams with reassurance that whatever you’re doing is okay. You are okay."

- Mad Men